Self Regulation and Anxiety on Home Visit and Clinical Visit (A Cohort Study in Postpartum Mother)
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Penulis:Giari Rahmilasari, Avip Syaefullah, Vita Murniati Tarawan
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Abstrak:Introduction: Literature rivews on postpartum care show that home visit, could enhanceknowledge and self regulation ability during postpartum period, also reduce anxiety anddepression among post partum women. The ability of postpartum women on self regulationassumed be able to reduced maternal and infant morbidity and mortality rate.Methods: To prove that assumption, a prospective cohort study with observational techniquewas done. STAI was used to measure anxiety and questionnaire made by Miller, Brown andLawendowsky (1999) was used to measured self regulation.Results: show no difference between maternal anxiety who receive home visitation andwho visit the clinic p=0.480 (p > 0.05). This could happen because all of the respondentsused Jampersal. However, there are significant differences between self-regulation mothersreceiving home visit with those who visit a clinic that is p=0.048 (p < 0.05). The difference intime of visit (3rd day, 6th day, and 14th day), there is no significant difference between theanxiety with home visits and clinic visits, all in all it shows p value> 0.05 (p = 0.725 , p = 803, and p=0.677), whereas on self-regulation, there are significant differences in self-regulationon the 14th day where p value = 0.042 (p < 0.05). There is no correlation between anxietywith home visits and clinic visits, and there is no relationship between self-regulation withhome visits and clinic visits, all with p value > 0.05. Multivariate analysis finds that mothershaving high anxiety are 1.27 times at risk on lower regulation.Conclusion: home visits at least on the 6th day or on the 14th day is necessary, as it isknown that on the 6th day anxiety occurs its highest, and self- regulation abilities show theirlowest, while on the 14th day home visits can affect the ability of self-regulation.Keywords: anxiety, clinic visits, home visit, postpartum, self- regulation.
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